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Paulus Potter


Jan van Goyen

Have you ever heard of Jan Steen?
Or landscape painter Jan van Goyen? What about the philosopher Spinoza and Dutch painter Paulus Potter?

What if you could discover more about their history and stories in one place? 


Here at the Buitenmuseum you can DISCOVER through stories, the history of these famous Dutch painters and philosopher and visit the places they lived in and worked at and how they are connected.

The Buitenmuseum offers both Audio Tours and Guided Tours through historic houses located at the Dunne Bierkade, as well as (Guided) city tours. 


Whether you are visiting The Hague as a tourist or you are living in The Hague as an expat, whether you are doing an internship at one of the international organisations, or you are a serious historian and/or art fan, the Outdoor Museum offers something for everyone. 

Our interactive and dynamic group tours are filled with interesting and fun facts and stories about the history of The Hague. 


Why delay? Book your tickets today. 


You can book your tickets by clicking the button below.

Guided Tours

Our Guided Tours start at the Paulus Potter House at Dunne Bierkade 17.


They take place at 13:30 and 15:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Please note, booking in advance is required.

During the week, guided tours are also possible but by appointment only (with a minimum of 2 persons).

A guided tour takes about 1.5 hours.

Audio Tours

Our Audio Tours start at the Paulus Potter House at Dunne Bierkade 17.

The audio tours are available Monday through Friday from 13:30 – 17:30. Booking in advance is required.

There are different starting times for the Guided Tours, which you can schedule once making an appointment.

Pricing Details

Guided Tours

€12.50 - 3 Houses (Jan van Goyen house, Paulus Potter house, and the Van Balckeneynde house.)

Audio Tours

€7.50 - 1 or 2 people (€3.50 for any additional people above that. Paulus Potter house, and the Van Balckeneynde house only.)

Why choose between culture and entertainment,

when the Outdoor Museum offers both?

This part of The Hague can be described as ’typically Dutch’. Many notable artists lived and worked at these characteristic canals. Visit the dwelling houses of world famous painters like Paulus Potter, Jan Steen and his father in law Jan van Goyen and see how they lived. Their story is intertwined with Claes van Balckeneynde, who has built the royal palaces in The Hague as well as the Catshuis – the Dutch prime minister’s house. you can pay a visit to these houses and experience the Dutch Golden Age during one of our guided tours. The original work of these artists can be seen in the Mauritshuis or the Historical museum of The Hague, just a beautiful, twenty minute-walk away.

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