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​Besides renting out fully furnished apartments around the canal in the old city centre of The Hague, the Fundatie Voorhoeve also has meeting rooms and venues available as a location for your business meetings and brainstorm sessions. The classical style of the venues combined with the convenience of modern day technology creates a unique environment for your meetings. This setting breathes inspiration and it enhances creativity and productivity. Alternating sessions with a stroll around the picturesque canal or taking a break in one of the gardens balances work with enjoying the simple beauty of the venue.

Meeting Rooms

The Paulus Potter House and the Van Balckeneynde House offer meeting rooms full of atmosphere and inspiration

Office Space

Need a place to concentrate? Or to be inspired during your work? Take a look at our office space.


The Van Balckeneynde House  can be used for wedding ceremonies.


Tell us what you are looking for and then we can see what we can do for you.



Dunne Bierkade 18, 2512 BC, The Hague, Netherlands

+ 31 (0) 70 365 63 70  

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